... spousal benefits ... to Social Security claiming. If you're divorced, ... How the Social Security Spousal Benefit Works. ... an ex-spousal benefit. Here's how it works. Here are the best ways to get the most out of them. Making the most of Social Security requires some ... in additional benefits. There are a wide variety of complex spousal Social Strategy strategies. Free information and reports tailored to your specific situation. A closed loophole in spousal Social Security benefits may change your retirement strategy. Divorce doesnt rule out Social Security spousal benefits. Learn about Social Security spousal benefits, when to start collecting, and how your Social Security benefits should be apart of your retirement strategy. Marriage. 4 Social Security Strategies to Increase ... and you've filed for those benefits. Social Security Benefits for Divorced ... Benefits.gov. Questions, I get questions from readers--and plenty of them are about Social Security's valuable spousal and survivor benefits. Should I Divorce to Get More Social Security Benefits From My Ex? The popular file and suspend strategy for couples claiming Social Security has been eliminated, but spousal benefits remain an option in some cases. If the new Social Security benefit rules are here for good, and they certainly seem to be, what should people do? Ex-Spouse Social Security Benefits: What's the Best Strategy? Claiming your Social Security benefit is complicated--especially if you are divorced. Most people file before they can receive their maximum Social Security benefits. You may qualify for benefits as a divorcee, widow or widower. Whether you can still claim Social Security benefits as a divorced spouse depends on a number of factors, including how long you were married. Maximize your Social Security Retirement and Spousal Benefits. If you are divorced or in the process of getting divorced, there are some important considerations concerning your Social Security benefits. Social Security Benefits for Singles and the Divorced An expert explains how to get the biggest checks youre entitled to receive Innovative Strategies for Divorced ... can help maximize Social Security benefits and enhance retirement security. The Social Security rules and strategies for claiming divorcee benefits, including coordinating benefits and restricted application for divorcee benefits. Social Security Divorced Spouse Benefits. Sorting out the rules for divorced, spousal and widow's benefits Social Security tips ... for spousal benefits. It is a little-known fact: If youre divorced, its possible to claim Social Security spousal and survivor benefits from your ex. Understanding the rules for divorced spouse benefits ... Social Security & Divorce: Timing IS Everything! With spousal Social Security you can get retirement benefits through your spouse. Claiming your Social Security benefit ... Benefits for Your Divorced Spouse. It is a little-known fact: If youre divorced, its possible to claim Social Security spousal and survivor benefits from your ex.